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Is This Common Mistake
Ruining Your Online Sales?

Too many people think building a website, driving traffic and developing a list is all they need to make money online. They do these things and launch a newsletter or email campaigns and get mediocre to zero results. Panicked, they then scramble like mice to buy "push-button" solutions when sales don't meet their expectations.

These people get caught up in the myth that technology is a replacement for skills.

The truth is, marketing improvement comes from learning the basics and applying them in your business.

The one, single, most important thing that will increase your sales and profits - is better communications.

But, writing better articles and better offers isn't just a matter of using the right words, it's about getting into your prospect's heads so you know what they want. . . their problems. . . their objections. . . their goals, and can flip those switches as easy as you would the lights in your kitchen.

The kind of communications I’m talking about is called copywriting. It's the most important part of your marketing skill set.

But learning about copywriting will help you in more ways than just increasing sales. It will help you communicate better with everyone in your life.

3 Examples of Copywriting Improving Communication
Outside The Selling Environment.

  1. Emotional Connection – one of essential elements of good communication is being able to connect with one another. We all have had the experience of saying something innocuous to a person and watching as their reaction or response was shockingly off base.


    Question - What’s for dinner tonight? (Intent, to find out what is cooking)
    Answer – I’ve been slaving away at this for hours, if you don’t want it – STARVE! (Perception, he or she doesn’t like the way this smells or they have some other gripe and I’m offended now)

    A simple addition of “Mmm, that smells delicious” in front of the question would have made a connection crystal clear and the response would have been much different. Learning to write effective copy demands that you connect with your audience. That skill spills over into your everyday ability to connect with people on an emotional level.

  2. Clarity – often we say or write things that make sense to us, but aren’t at all clear to the person reading or hearing it.


    From an actual letter requesting welfare assistance: “I want some money as quickly as I can get it. I have been in bed with the same doctor for two weeks, and he doesn't do any good. If things don't improve I will have to get another doctor to help him.”

    Is this person sleeping with the Doctor or being treated as a patient? No copywriter in his right mind would allow a sentence like that in a final draft.

  3. Ambiguity - An ambiguous statement has more than one possible interpretation.


    "Did you see the girl with the binoculars?"

    This question has at least two possible interpretations. They are "Did you see the girl who is holding the binoculars?" or "Did you see the girl by using the binoculars?" This ambiguity arises from the phrase "with the telescope." So improving your copywriting skills will not just help you make more money, it really can help you have a better life too.

    Talk to any copywriter and chances are VERY good you'll hear one thing over and over again. They are constantly reading books or attending seminars by other copywriters to improve their craft. Today you have a chance to do just that. To become a better copywriter, a better communicator, heck...even a better person.

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